Thursday, 19 July 2012

Day one - 16/07/12

Slighty delayed because I've been too lazy but here it is.

Was up at about 5am to get a taxi to the airport on Monday which was awful! Once I got there I had no idea what I was doing. I must of asked for help about 20 times :/.
When I eventually got on the plane I was sat next to a rather large fellow who took up both our seats with his sheer size!

After 8 uncomfortable hours I finally arrived in Atlanta. I had a 2 hour stop over so went to the bar in the airport to wait it out. I met a guy called Omar from New York who was awesome. I didn't pay for a single beer because he just kept throwing them at me, it was the nuts.

After a while we parted ways and I boarded the plane to LA. This time I was sat next to an awesome girl from pennsylvania called Heather, made the flight fly past because I was just talking to her non stop for 4 hours.

Finally got to LA and grabbed a cab to the hostel, drove past about 25 homeless people with trollies for houses. Got inside and met up with tris who thought I'd died because I was a bit late, lolers. Grabbed some noodles from across the street and passed out on my bed!

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